Examples of Using the JDK 1.1 AWT

This page contains links to examples (applets and their source code) of using new features in the JDK 1.1 AWT. These examples were provided by the AWT team.

How to Run 1.1 Examples

To view the applets on the following pages, you can use the HotJava browser or the JDK Applet Viewer.

Because the applets on the following pages depend on 1.1 features, they do not run in 1.0 browsers! Microsoft and Netscape browsers are still based on 1.0 -- they don't run 1.1 applets.

If you attempt to view the following pages in a 1.0 browser such as Netscape Navigator 4.0, you will be given a button to press which will display a picture of what the applets would look like running under 1.1. The following examples all run successfully in the HotJava browser and the JDK Applet Viewer.

The Examples

Looking for other examples? Some of the Demonstration Applets and Applications have 1.1 versions.

For the latest information on the AWT, consult The AWT Home Page.