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Simple Name Changes

This page lists simple name changes between the 1.0 and 1.1 releases of the AWT. These name changes can be performed automatically by a script such as the sed script we provide. See How to Convert Programs to the 1.1 AWT API for instructions on using the sed script.

The name changes listed in the following table are not valid for non-AWT code. At least one isn't even valid for all AWT code. Since the sed script can't tell what type of object it's affecting, you might find it making incorrect changes, which you'll generally discover when you see compilation error messages such as the following: Method setVisible(java.awt.Panel, java.lang.String) not found in class java.awt.CardLayout. ((CardLayout)cards.getLayout()).setVisible(cards,(String)arg);
When you see such an error message, check whether the script incorrectly changed a method name. If you find the method name in the second column of the table below, look in the first column to see the method's original name. You can then edit the program by hand, changing the error-causing line to use the original name. For example, to correct the error above, you should change setVisible to show on line 40 of the file.

Note: To see a complete list of deprecated AWT methods (1.0 methods no longer recommended in 1.1), see Deprecated Methods in the 1.1 AWT.

Original Method Name 1.1 Method Name
addItem add
appendText append
inside contains
layout doLayout
getPageIncrement getBlockIncrement
getClipRect getClipBounds
locate getComponentAt
countComponents getComponentCount
insets getInsets
countItems getItemCount
location getLocation
countMenus getMenuCount
minimumSize getMinimumSize
preferredSize getPreferredSize
getCurrent getSelectedCheckbox
getLineIncrement getUnitIncrement
getVisible getVisibleAmount
insertText insert
isSelected isIndexSelected
allowsMultipleSelections isMultipleMode
delItem remove
clear removeAll
replaceText replaceRange
setPageIncrement setBlockIncrement
reshape setBounds
setEchoCharacter setEchoChar
disable() setEnabled(false)
enable() setEnabled(true)
enable(expression) setEnabled(expression)
move setLocation
setMultipleSelections setMultipleMode
setCurrent setSelectedCheckbox
resize setSize
setLineIncrement setUnitIncrement
hide setVisible(false)
show() setVisible(true)
show(expression) setVisible(expression)
nextFocus transferFocus

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By Kathy Walrath