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Class java.util.PropertyResourceBundle

java.lang.Object | +----java.util.ResourceBundle | +----java.util.PropertyResourceBundle
public class PropertyResourceBundle
extends ResourceBundle
PropertyResourceBundle is an abstract subclass of ResourceBundle that manages resources for a locale using a set of static strings from a property file. See ResourceBundle for more information about resource bundles in general.

The property file contains the keys that you use in your source code in calls to ResourceBundle.getString and similar methods, and their corresponding values, etc. The name of the property file indicates the resource bundle's family and locale.

In the following example, the keys are of the form "s1"... The actual keys are entirely up to your choice, so long as they are the same as the keys you use in your program to retrieve the objects from the bundle. Keys are case-sensitive.

s1=3 s2=MeinDisk s3=3 Mar 96 s4=Der disk '{1}' a {0} a {2}. s5=0 s6=keine Datein s7=1 s8=ein Datei s9=2 s10={0}|3 Datein s11=Der Format worf ein Exception: {0} s12=ERROR s14=Resulte s13=Dialogue s15=Pattern s16=1,3

See Also:
ResourceBundle, ListResourceBundle

Constructor Index

 o PropertyResourceBundle(InputStream)
Creates a property resource

Method Index

 o getKeys()
Implementation of ResourceBundle.getKeys.
 o handleGetObject(String)
Override of ResourceBundle, same semantics


 o PropertyResourceBundle public PropertyResourceBundle(InputStream stream) throws IOException
Creates a property resource

file - property file to read from.


 o handleGetObject public Object handleGetObject(String key)
Override of ResourceBundle, same semantics

handleGetObject in class ResourceBundle
 o getKeys public Enumeration getKeys()
Implementation of ResourceBundle.getKeys.

getKeys in class ResourceBundle

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