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The following acknowledgments and thanks apply:

Scott Brim <>, for the concept and continued administrative support; National Science Foundation for periods of financial support; Mark Fedor <> for the development and maintenance up to release 1.3.1 and his continuing advice; Dennis Ferguson <> for BGP and significant help in redesigning portions of gated; Art Harkin <> for extensive testing and many bug fixes; David Robinson <> for extensive testing and many bug fixes; Rob Coltun <> as the author of the UMd OSPF code and for continued support; Mike Petry <> as the author of the original HELLO code; Thomas Pusateri <> as the author of the DVMRP, IGMP and PIM code; Igor E. Chechik <> for his System V modifications; the folks at University of California at Berkeley for the routed code on which gated was originally based and continued support; the folks at IBM Austin for the original implementation of the SMUX interface; the folks at IBM Raleigh for very extensive testing (when they weren't out playing golf); Robert Hagens <> and Dan Schuh <> as the authors of the original Wisconsin IS-IS code; Steve Heimlich <> for IS-IS mods and current development in gated.

This documentation is a compilation of the old 3.5 HTML documentation, as well as some documentation from ISI (for the Gated Internals), and a lot of reformatting and processing from the Gated Consortium.

Laurent Joncheray
Wed Jun 12 15:35:22 EDT 1996