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Starting gated

Starting GateD at boot time


GateD is usually started from /etc/rc.local at system startup (boot) time. GateD is preferably started after the partition it resides in is mounted and after syslog(8) has been started. It is acceptable to start GateD before the interfaces have been enabled with ifconfig(8), but it may be started later if desired. GateD must be started before starting any programs that require routing information, for example NFS mounts from systems on different networks or xntpd(8).

Starting GateD directly

Usually a few lines like the following is added to /etc/rc.local to start GateD:

if [ -f /etc/gated.conf -a -f /usr/local/sbin/gated ]; then /usr/local/sbin/gated ; echo -n "gated " fi

Starting GateD with Gdc

Starting GateD with Gdc is required when some system resources are inadequate to run gated. Again, a few lines need to be added to /etc/rc.local:

if [ -f /etc/gated.conf -a -f /usr/local/bin/gdc ]; then /usr/local/bin/gdc [flags] start ; echo -n "gated(via gdc) " ; fi

Where flags are any gdc options.

Controlling GateD

GateD is normally controlled via the gdc utility, but may be controlled directly. See section 5.2 and section 5.3 for more information.

Checking GateD status

Using gdc it is possible to obtain a status dump from GateD. It is also possible to query GateD for information about the RIP and OSPF protocols with the ripquery and ospf_monitor utilities. See section 5.5 and section 5.4 for more information.

Laurent Joncheray
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