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On systems without the BSD routing socket, gated listens to ICMP messages received by the system. Currently gated only does processing on ICMP redirect packets, but more functionality may be added in the future, such as support for the router discovery messages. Processing of ICMP redirect messages is handled by the redirect statement.

Currently the only reason to specify the icmp statement is to be able to trace the ICMP messages that gated receives.

The ICMP statement

icmp { traceoptions trace_options ; }

Tracing options

Packet tracing options (which may be modified with detail and recv):

All ICMP packets received.

Only ICMP REDIRECT packets received.

Only ICMP ROUTER DISCOVERY packets received.

Only ICMP informational packets, which include mask request/response, info request/response, echo request/response and time stamp request/response.

Only ICMP error packets, which include time exceeded, parameter problem, unreachable and source quench.

Laurent Joncheray
Wed Jun 12 15:35:22 EDT 1996