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Syntax description conventions

File names referred to in this document will be noted with the typewriter style. For instance /etc/gated.conf is the configuration file used by gated. When the full path of the file is not provided the root of the path is from the root directory of the source code. If gated as been unpacked in /usr/local/gated, then the file src/task.c refers to /usr/local/gated/src/task.c. Commands which should be run from the operating system command interpreter will be displayed in typewriter style as well. echo "Hello world" will print Hello world on the screen!

As for any syntax description, keywords and special characters that the parser expects exactly are displayed using boldface style. Parameters are specifying in the italic style. Parameters shown in square brackets (` [' and ` ]') are used to show optional keywords and parameters. The vertical bar (`') is used to indicate between a choice of optional parameters. Parentheses (` (' and ` )') are used to group keywords and parameters when necessary.

For example, in the syntax description:

autonomoussystem autonomous_system [ loop number ]

The square brackets say that the loop parameter is optional. The keywords are autonomoussystem and loop. Since autonomous_system is in the variable definition style, it is a parameter that needs to be provided.

C library calls, as well as system calls will be displayed in italic style.

Laurent Joncheray
Wed Jun 12 15:35:22 EDT 1996