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sure that it remains pertinent and accurately reflects the demands of today's
internetworking business environments.
Building upon the highly successful CCIE program, Cisco Career Certifi-
cations permit you to become certified at various levels of technical profi-
ciency, spanning the disciplines of network design and support. So, whether
you're beginning a career, changing careers, securing your present position,
or seeking to refine and promote your position, this is the book for you!
Cisco's Installation and Support Certifications
Cisco has created new certifications that will help you get the coveted CCIE,
as well as aid prospective employers in measuring skill levels. Before these
new certifications, you took only one test and were then faced with the lab,
which made it difficult to succeed. With these new certifications that add a
better approach to preparing for that almighty lab, Cisco has opened doors
that few were allowed through before. So, what are these new certifications,
and how do they help you get your CCIE?
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) 2.0
The CCNA certification is the first certification in the new line of Cisco cer-
tifications and it is a precursor to all current Cisco certifications. With the
new certification programs, Cisco has created a type of stepping-stone
approach to CCIE certification. Now, you can become a Cisco Certified Net-
work Associate for the meager cost of the Sybex
CCNA: Cisco Certified
Network Associate Study Guide, Second Edition,
plus $100 for the test. And
you don't have to stop there--you can choose to continue with your studies
and achieve a higher certification called the Cisco Certified Network Profes-
sional (CCNP). Someone with a CCNP has all the skills and knowledge they
need to attempt the CCIE lab. However, because no textbook can take the
place of practical experience, we'll discuss what else you need to be ready for
the CCIE lab shortly.
Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) 2.0
This new Cisco certification has opened up many opportunities for the indi-
vidual wishing to become Cisco-certified but who is lacking the training, the
expertise, or the bucks to pass the notorious and often failed two-day Cisco
torture lab. The new Cisco certifications will truly provide exciting new
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