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Access lists Used to filter specific kinds of traffic from either entering or
leaving a Cisco router.
Authentication protocols Cisco supports both Password Authentica-
tion Protocol (PAP) and Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
(CHAP) for providing authentication on WAN connections using PPP.
n this chapter, we covered the network congestion issues and showed
how to solve them. For an internetwork to realize its purpose, it must be able
to efficiently connect many different networks together to serve the organi-
zations depending on it. However, the more users and networks that you tie
together, the more network congestion results.
The way to solve congestion problems and increase the networking per-
formance of your LAN is to divide a single Ethernet segment into multiple
network segments using bridges, routers, and switches.
We also discussed in this chapter that the key requirements of a scalable
internetwork are based on an ideal design using the Cisco hierarchical model
to simplify management, which permits well-planned growth that honors
the network's requirements.
The following issues were discussed as mandatory requirements of a scal-
able internetwork:
Reliability and availability
Easy accessibility while maintaining security
Key Terms
Before taking the exam, make sure you're familiar with the following terms:
Access layer
Core layer
Distribution layer
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