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tagged traffic
ATM cells with their cell loss priority (CLP) bit set to 1.
Also referred to as discard-eligible (DE) traffic. Tagged traffic can be elimi-
nated in order to ensure trouble-free delivery of higher priority traffic, if the
network is congested. See also: CLP.
Transmission Control Protocol: A connection-oriented protocol that
is defined at the Transport layer of the OSI reference model. Provides reliable
delivery of data.
TCP header compression
A compression process that compresses only
the TCP header information, which is typically repetitive. This would not
compress the user data. See also: compression.
Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. The suite of pro-
tocols underlying the Internet. TCP and IP are the most widely known pro-
tocols in that suite. See also: IP and TCP.
time division multiplexing: A technique for assigning bandwidth on
a single wire, based on preassigned time slots, to data from several channels.
Bandwidth is allotted to each channel regardless of a station's ability to send
data. See also: ATDM, FDM, and multiplexing.
terminal equipment: Any peripheral device that is ISDN-compatible
and attached to a network, such as a telephone or computer. TE1s are
devices that are ISDN-ready and understand ISDN signaling techniques.
TE2s are devices that are not ISDN-ready and do not understand ISDN sig-
naling techniques. A terminal adapter must be used with a TE2.
A device with a four-wire, twisted-pair digital interface is referred to
as terminal equipment type 1. Most modern ISDN devices are of this type.
Devices known as terminal equipment type 2 do not understand
ISDN signaling techniques, and a terminal adapter must be used to con-
vert the signaling.
A common abbreviation for the telephone company.
The standard terminal emulation protocol within the TCP/IP pro-
tocol stack. Method of remote terminal connection, enabling users to log in
on remote networks and use those resources as if they were locally con-
nected. Telnet is defined in RFC 854.
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