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Source Service Access Point: The SAP of the network node identified
in the Source field of the packet. See also: DSAP and SAP.
Silicon Switching Engine: The software component of Cisco's silicon
switching technology, hard-coded into the Silicon Switch Processor (SSP).
Silicon switching is available only on the Cisco 7000 with an SSP. Silicon-
switched packets are compared to the silicon-switching cache on the SSE.
The SSP is a dedicated switch processor that offloads the switching process
from the route processor, providing a fast-switching solution, but packets
must still traverse the backplane of the router to get to the SSP and then back
to the exit interface.
SS-7 signaling
Signaling System 7: The current standard for tele-
communications switching control signaling. This is out-of-band signaling
that establishes circuits and provides billing information.
A compression method developed by Stacker Corporation for use
over serial links.
standard IP access list
IP access list that uses only the source IP addresses
to filter a network.
standard IPX access list
IPX access list that uses only the source and des-
tination IPX address to filter a network.
star topology
A LAN physical topology with endpoints on the network
converging at a common central switch (known as a hub) using point-to-
point links. A logical ring topology can be configured as a physical star
topology using a unidirectional closed-loop star rather than point-to-point
links. That is, connections within the hub are arranged in an internal ring.
See also: bus topology and ring topology.
startup range
If an AppleTalk node does not have a number saved from
the last time it was booted, then the node selects from the range of values
from 65280 to 65534.
state transitions
Digital signaling scheme that reads the "state" of the
digital signal in the middle of the bit cell. If it is five volts, the cell is read as
a one. If the state of the digital signal is zero volts, the bit cell is read as a zero.
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