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Route Switch Feature Card: Used to provide routing between
VLANs. The RSFC is a daughter card for the Supervisor engine II G and
Supervisor III G cards. The RSFC is a fully functioning router running the
Cisco IOS.
Route Switch Module: A route processor that is inserted into the
chassis of a Cisco Catalyst 5000 series switch. The RSM is configured
exactly like an external router.
Route/Switch Processor: A processor module combining the functions
of RP and SP used in Cisco 7500 series routers. See also: RP and SP.
Request To Send: An EIA/TIA-232 control signal requesting permis-
sion to transmit data on a communication line.
S reference point
ISDN reference point that works with a T reference
point to convert a four-wire ISDN network to the two-wire ISDN network
needed to communicate with the ISDN switches at the network provider.
sampling rate
The rate at which samples of a specific waveform ampli-
tude are collected within a specified period of time.
1) Service Access Point: A field specified by IEEE 802.2 that is part of
an address specification. 2) Service Advertising Protocol: The Novell Net-
Ware protocol that supplies a way to inform network clients of resources and
services availability on network, using routers and servers. See also: IPX.
Sustainable Cell Rate: An ATM Forum parameter used for traffic
management, it is the long-term average cell rate for VBR connections that
can be transmitted.
A script predefines commands that should be issued in sequence,
typically to complete a connection or accomplish a repetitive task.
Synchronous Data Link Control: A protocol used in SNA Data Link
layer communications. SDLC is a bit-oriented, full-duplex serial protocol
that is the basis for several similar protocols, including HDLC and LAPB. See
also: HDLC
and LAPB.
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