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An event or command that causes Cisco routers to reboot.
remote access
A generic term that defines connectivity to distant
resources using one of many technologies, as appropriate.
remote services
Network services close to users but not on the same net-
work or subnet as the users. The users would have to cross a Layer 3 device
to communicate with the network services, but they might not have to cross
the backbone.
reverse Telnet
Maps a Telnet port to a physical port on the router or
access device. This allows the administrator to connect to a modem or other
device attached to the port.
Request for Comments: RFCs are used to present and define stan-
dards in the networking industry.
Routing Information Field: In source-route bridging, a header field
that defines the path direction of the frame or token. If the Route Informa-
tion Indicator (RII) bit is not set, the RIF is read from source to destination
(left to right). If the RII bit is set, the RIF is read from the destination back
to the source, so the RIF is read right to left. It is defined as part of the Token
Ring frame header for source-routed frames, which contains path information.
Two or more stations connected in a logical circular topology. In this
topology, which is the basis for Token Ring, FDDI, and CDDI, information
is transferred from station to station in sequence.
ring topology
A network logical topology comprising a series of repeaters
that form one closed loop by connecting unidirectional transmission links.
Individual stations on the network are connected to the network at a
repeater. Physically, ring topologies are generally organized in a closed-loop
star. Compare with: bus topology and star topology.
Routing Information Protocol: The most commonly used interior
gateway protocol in the Internet. RIP employs hop count as a routing metric.
See also: Enhanced IGRP, IGP, OSPF, and hop count.
RIP version 2
Newer, updated version of Routing Information Protocol
(RIP). Allows VLSM. See also: VLSM.
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