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Multichassis Multilink PPP: A protocol that supplies MLP support
across multiple routers and access servers. MMP enables several routers and
access servers to work as a single, large dial-up pool with one network
address and ISDN access number. MMP successfully supports packet frag-
menting and reassembly when the user connection is split between two phys-
ical access devices.
modulator-demodulator: A device that converts digital signals to
analog and vice versa so that digital information can be transmitted over analog
communication facilities, such as voice-grade telephone lines. This is
achieved by converting digital signals at the source to analog for transmis-
sion and reconverting the analog signals back into digital form at the desti-
nation. See also: modulation and demodulation.
modemcap database
Stores modem initialization strings on the router
for use in auto-detection and configuration.
modem eliminator
A mechanism that makes possible a connection
between two DTE devices without modems by simulating the commands
and physical signaling required.
The process of modifying some characteristic of an electrical
signal, such as amplitude (AM) or frequency (FM), in order to represent dig-
ital or analog information. See also: AM.
Multicast OSPF: An extension of the OSPF unicast protocol that
enables IP multicast routing within the domain. See also: OSPF.
MP bonding
MultiPoint bonding: A process of linking two or more phys-
ical connections into a single logical channel. This may use two or more
analog lines and two or more modems, for example.
Multiprotocol over ATM: An effort by the ATM Forum to stan-
dardize how existing and future Network layer protocols such as IP, Ipv6,
AppleTalk, and IPX run over an ATM network with directly attached hosts,
routers, and multilayer LAN switches.
Multilayer Switch Feature Card: A route processor (parallel to an
RSM, or Route Switch Module) that is installed as a daughter card on Cisco
Catalyst 6000 series switches. See also: RSM.
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