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Internet Group Management Protocol: Employed by IP hosts, the
protocol that reports their multicast group memberships to an adjacent
multicast router. The first version, IGMPv1, allows hosts to subscribe to or
join specified multicast groups. Enhancements were made to IGMPv2 to
facilitate a host-initiated leave process.
IGMP Join process
The process by which hosts may join a multicast ses-
sion outside of the Membership Query interval.
IGMP Leave process
IGMPv1 does not have a formal leave process; a
period of three query intervals must pass with no host confirmation before
the interface is deactivated. IGMPv2 does allow the host to initiate the leave
process immediately.
IGMP Query process
The router uses IGMP to query hosts for Member-
ship Reports, thus managing multicast on its interfaces.
Interior Gateway Protocol: Any protocol used by the Internet to
exchange routing data within an independent system. Examples include RIP,
Integrated (or Interim) Local Management Interface. A specification
created by the ATM Forum, designated for the incorporation of network-
management capability into the ATM UNI. Integrated Local Management
Interface cells provide for automatic configuration between ATM systems.
In LAN emulation, ILMI can provide sufficient information for the ATM
end station to find an LECS. In addition, ILMI provides the ATM NSAP
(Network Service Access Point) prefix information to the end station.
in-band management
In-band management is the management of a net-
work device "through" the network. Examples include using Simple Net-
work Management Protocol (SNMP) or Telnet directly via the local LAN.
Compare with: out-of-band management.
in-band signaling
Configuration of a router from within the network.
Examples are Telnet, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), or a
Network Management Station (NMS).
insured burst
In an ATM network, it is the largest, temporarily permitted
data burst exceeding the insured rate on a PVC and not tagged by the traffic
policing function for being dropped if network congestion occurs. This
insured burst is designated in bytes or cells.
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