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High-Speed Serial Interface: A network standard physical connector
for high-speed serial linking over a WAN at speeds of up to 52Mbps.
Physical layer devices that are really just multiple port repeaters.
When an electronic digital signal is received on a port, the signal is reampli-
fied or regenerated and forwarded out all segments except the segment from
which the signal was received.
International Code Designator: Adapted from the subnetwork model
of addressing, this assigns the mapping of Network layer addresses to ATM
addresses. HSSI is one of two ATM formats for addressing created by the
ATM Forum to be utilized with private networks. See also: DCC.
Internet Control Message Protocol: Documented in RFC 792, it is a
Network layer Internet protocol for the purpose of reporting errors and pro-
viding information pertinent to IP packet procedures.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers: A professional orga-
nization that, among other activities, defines standards in a number of fields
within computing and electronics, including networking and communica-
tions. IEEE standards are the predominant LAN standards used today
throughout the industry. Many protocols are commonly known by the ref-
erence number of the corresponding IEEE standard.
IEEE 802.1
The IEEE committee specification that defines the bridging
group. The specification for STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) is IEEE 802.1d.
The STP uses SPA (spanning-tree algorithm) to find and prevent network
loops in bridged networks. The specification for VLAN trunking is IEEE
IEEE 802.3
The IEEE committee specification that defines the Ethernet
group, specifically the original 10Mbps standard. Ethernet is a LAN pro-
tocol that specifies Physical layer and MAC sublayer media access. IEEE
802.3 uses CSMA/CD to provide access for many devices on the same net-
work. Fast Ethernet is defined as 802.3u, and Gigabit Ethernet is defined as
802.3q. See also: CSMA/CD.
IEEE 802.5
IEEE committee that defines Token Ring media access.
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