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A baseband LAN specification created by the Xerox Corpora-
tion and then improved through joint efforts of Xerox, Digital Equipment
Corporation, and Intel. Ethernet is similar to the IEEE 802.3 series standard
and, using CSMA/CD, operates over various types of cables at 10Mbps. Also
called DIX (Digital/Intel/Xerox) Ethernet. See also: 10BaseT, FastEthernet,
and IEEE.
A data-link product from Apple Computer that permits Apple-
Talk networks to be connected by Ethernet.
excess rate
In ATM networking, traffic exceeding a connection's insured
rate. The excess rate is the maximum rate less the insured rate. Depending on
the availability of network resources, excess traffic can be discarded during
congestion episodes. Compare with: maximum rate.
The procedure of directing compressed data through an algo-
rithm, restoring information to its original size.
expedited delivery
An option that can be specified by one protocol layer,
communicating either with other layers or with the identical protocol layer
in a different network device, requiring that identified data be processed
explorer packet
An SNA packet transmitted by a source Token Ring
device to find the path through a source-route-bridged network.
extended IP access list
IP access list that filters the network by logical
address, protocol field in the Network layer header, and even the port field
in the Transport layer header.
extended IPX access list
IPX access list that filters the network by logical
IPX address, protocol field in the Network layer header, or even socket
number in the Transport layer header.
Extended Setup
Used in setup mode to configure the router with more
detail than Basic Setup mode. Allows multiple-protocol support and inter-
face configuration.
external route processor
A router that is external to the switch. An
external Layer-3 routing device can be used to provide routing between
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