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Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol: Based primarily on
the Routing Information Protocol (RIP), this Internet gateway protocol
implements a common, condensed-mode IP multicast scheme, using IGMP
to transfer routing datagrams between its neighbors. See also: IGMP.
Data Exchange Interface: Described in RFC 1482, DXI defines the
effectiveness of a network device such as a router, bridge, or hub to act as an
FEP to an ATM network by using a special DSU that accomplishes packet
dynamic entries
Used in Layer 2 and 3 devices to create a table of either
hardware addresses or logical addresses dynamically.
dynamic routing
Also known as adaptive routing, this technique auto-
matically adapts to traffic or physical network revisions.
dynamic VLAN
An administrator will create an entry in a special server
with the hardware addresses of all devices on the internetwork. The server
will then assign dynamically used VLANs.
Generally used in Europe, a wide-area digital transmission scheme car-
rying data at 2.048Mbps. E1 transmission lines are available for lease from
common carriers for private use.
1) Evolved from standard telephone numbering system, the standard
recommended by ITU-T for international telecommunication numbering,
particularly in ISDN, SMDS, and BISDN. 2) Label of field in an ATM
address containing numbers in E.164 format.
E channel
Echo channel: A 64Kbps ISDN control channel used for circuit
switching. Specific description of this channel can be found in the 1984 ITU-
T ISDN specification, but was dropped from the 1988 version. See also:
B channel, D channel,
and H channel.
edge device
A device that enables packets to be forwarded between legacy
interfaces (such as Ethernet and Token Ring) and ATM interfaces based on
information in the Data Link and Network layers. An edge device does not
take part in the running of any Network layer routing protocol; it merely
uses the route description protocol in order to get the forwarding informa-
tion required.
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