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Basic Management Setup
Used with Cisco routers when in setup mode.
Provides only enough management and configuration to get the router
working so someone can telnet into the router and configure it.
Synonymous with bits per second (bps), if each signal element repre-
sents one bit. It is a unit of signaling speed equivalent to the number of sep-
arate signal elements transmitted per second.
B channel
Bearer channel: A full-duplex, 64Kbps channel in ISDN that
transmits user data. Compare with: D channel, E channel, and H channel.
An FDDI device or Token Ring frame that points to a serious
problem with the ring, such as a broken cable. The beacon frame carries the
address of the station thought to be down. See also: failure domain.
bearer service
Used by service providers to provide DS0 service to ISDN
customers. A DS0 is one 64K channel. An ISDN bearer service provides
either two DS0s, called two bearer channels, for a Basic Rate Interface (BRI),
or 24 DS0s, called a Primary Rate Interface (PRI).
Backward Explicit Congestion Notification: BECN is the bit set by
a Frame Relay network in frames moving away from frames headed into a
congested path. A DTE that receives frames with the BECN may ask higher-
level protocols to take necessary flow control measures. Compare with: FECN.
BGP Version 4: Version 4 of the interdomain routing protocol most
commonly used on the Internet. BGP4 supports CIDR and uses route-
counting mechanisms to decrease the size of routing tables. See also: CIDR.
bidirectional shared tree
A method of shared tree multicast forwarding.
This method allows group members to receive data from the source or the
RP, whichever is closer. See also: RP (rendezvous point).
A two-character numbering method that uses ones and zeros. The
binary numbering system underlies all digital representation of information.
Bit Interleaved Parity: A method used in ATM to monitor errors on a
link, sending a check bit or word in the link overhead for the previous block
or frame. This allows bit errors in transmissions to be found and delivered as
maintenance information.
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