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Verification sent from one network device to another
signifying that an event has occurred. May be abbreviated as ACK or Ack.
Contrast with: NAK.
One of the three components in AAA. Accounting provides
auditing and logging functionalities to the security model.
allowed cell rate: A designation defined by the ATM Forum for man-
aging ATM traffic. Dynamically controlled using congestion control mea-
sures, the ACR varies between the minimum cell rate (MCR) and the peak
cell rate (PCR). See also: MCR and PCR.
active monitor
The mechanism used to manage a Token Ring. The net-
work node with the highest MAC address on the ring becomes the active
monitor and is responsible for management tasks such as preventing loops
and ensuring that tokens are not lost.
address learning
Used with transparent bridges to learn the hardware
addresses of all devices on an internetwork. The switch then filters the net-
work with the known hardware (MAC) addresses.
address mapping
By translating network addresses from one format to
another, this methodology permits different protocols to operate
address mask
A bit combination descriptor identifying which portion of
an address refers to the network or subnet and which part refers to the host.
Sometimes simply called the mask. See also: subnet mask.
address resolution
The process used for resolving differences between
computer addressing schemes. Address resolution typically defines a method
for tracing Network layer (Layer 3) addresses to Data Link layer (Layer 2)
addresses. See also: address mapping.
The relationship made between defined neighboring routers
and end nodes, using a common media segment, to exchange routing
administrative distance
A number between 0 and 225 that expresses the
value of trustworthiness of a routing information source. The lower the
number, the higher the integrity rating.
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