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Practice Exam
E. OSPF has an administrative distance of 110.
A. This status could result from an interface being down, but the spe-
cific OSPF definition is the lack of Hello packets received from the
A. The OPEN message type is used to establish a connection between
BGP peers and to negotiate the hold time. The UPDATE message type
is used to advertise topology updates and changes. The NOTIFICA-
TION message type is used to advertise errors. The KEEP-
ALIVE message type is sent to keep a session active when no UPDATE
messages are exchanged during the established hold time.
A. Route summarization is used to send fewer route entries in an
update. This can reduce the routing table entries.
C. The
area area-id stub no-summary
IOS router configuration
command is used to configure a router as totally stubby for the spec-
ified area. Remember that by becoming totally stubby, a router stops
receiving summary Link State Advertisements.
A, B, C. The valid BGP show commands listed above are show ip
, show ip bgp paths, and show ip bgp summary. The show ip
command displays the BGP routing table. The show ip bgp
command displays all the router's known BGP paths. The show
ip bgp summary
command tells you the status on every BGP connec-
tion. The other two commands are not valid.
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