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Chapter 10
Route Optimization
n this chapter, we discussed how to take networks running different
routing protocols and allow them to exchange routing information, through
a process called route redistribution. One of the challenges of route redistri-
bution is that many routing protocols use different metrics. To overcome this
challenge, we set default metrics for various routing protocols. After exam-
ining several redistribution examples, we reviewed commands for verifying
and troubleshooting route redistribution.
We explored various advanced route-manipulation techniques including
setting metrics on a protocol-by-protocol basis and setting metrics for spe-
cific routes. We introduced the distribute-list feature as a tool for fil-
tering the receiving or advertising of routes, and we showed the virtual
interface Null0 to be an efficient way of discarding packets destined for spec-
ified networks. We also detailed how to redistribute static and connected
Finally, we introduced the powerful features of route maps. We used the
route map components, match and set clauses, in examples where we
routed traffic based on the source network and Layer 4 information (TCP
port numbers).
Key Terms
Before taking the exam, make sure you are familiar with the following terms:
hop count
route redistribution
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