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Advanced Redistribution
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Protocol-specific metrics
Route-Specific Metrics
To get even greater control over how metrics are assigned, we can use access
lists and route maps to set metrics for specific routes. As an example, let's
examine how to set a specific metric for network as it is redistributed
from RIP in Network B into EIGRP in Network A.
First, we create an access list that permits only network Since
we're not concerned with destination addresses, a standard IP access list (an
access list numbered from 1 through 99) will be fine for our purposes. Fol-
lowing is the syntax to create an access list that permits only network
access-list 1 permit
Next, we need to create a route map. We will examine route maps in more
detail later in the chapter. However, for now we can think of a route map as
an IF-THEN-ELSE statement. IF the advertised route is permitted by our
Network B
router eigrp 10
redistribute rip metric 56 100 255 1 1500
router rip
redistribute eigrp 10 metric 3
Network A
EIGRP - Process ID 10
I can see
from RouterC.
I can see routes
from both RouterA
and RouterC.
I can see
from RouterA.
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