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Answers to Review Questions
Answers to Review Questions
A. The least restrictive statements should be placed at the top of an
access list. This means that if the last statement is the implicit deny
, then the permit statements should be first unless you want to
deny a subset of what was permitted. A good rule to remember is that
the most specific statements should be at the top.
D. Route summarization reduces the number of entries found in the
routing table, creating a single summarized route for all the entries in
the routing table for networks residing out a single interface.
A, B, D. A prefix list can be reconfigured with new statements, or you
can delete statements at any time as long as they are numbered with
sequence numbers. The set command is used to tell the router what
to do when a match is made in a route map.
D. A route reflector is used to manage larger networks. A route reflec-
tor should be peered with other route reflectors, its own route reflector
clients, and those routers not participating in a route reflector cluster.
C. You can have up to six physical links to ISPs and use those links to
send data traffic back and forth from your network to your ISP's net-
work. This effectively allows you to not only have redundant links,
but to use those redundant links to load balance your traffic.
B. The COMMUNITIES attribute can be used in route maps. The
COMMUNITIES attribute identifies a common set of BGP routers
participating in a community.
A, D. Confederations and route reflectors can both be configured to
avoid creating a full-mesh network where the neighbors command
is used excessively.
D. The show bgp neighbors command shows the configured BGP
peers and the current connection status.
C. The router bgp command is used in the Global Configuration mode.
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