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Chapter 9
BGP Scalability and Advanced Features
match interface
match ip address
match ip next-hop
match ip route-source
match length
match metric
match route-type
match tag
set as-path
set clns
set automatic-tag
set community
set interface
set default interface
set ip default next-hop
set ip next-hop
set ip precedence
set level
set local-preference
set metric
set metric-type
set next-hop
set origin
set tag
set weight
Route Reflectors
efore you can truly understand the beauty of route reflectors, you
need to understand some things about BGP split-horizon rules and the rea-
son for a full mesh of routers. A full mesh means that every router has a
direct connection to all the other routers in the network. This is easy to main-
tain in a network where there are only three routers, but what happens when
you have 20 or 1000 routers? There is an easy method of calculating how
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