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Chapter 8
Configuring Basic BGP
Router1(config)#route-map ANEXAMPLE permit 10
Router1(config-rou)#match ip address 1
Router1(config-rou)#set metric 25
Router1(config)#route-map ANEXAMPLE permit 20
Router1(config)#access-list 1 permit
router bgp 63001
neighbor remote-as 59000
neighbor route-map ANEXAMPLE out
ip classless
access-list 1 permit
route-map ANEXAMPLE permit 10
match ip address 1
set metric 25
route-map ANEXAMPLE permit 20
This configuration sets a MED of 25 for all networks belonging to ASN 59000 will use this value. Lower MED values are pre-
ferred. The second permit statement of the route-map ANEXAMPLE permits
all other networks to be advertised but does not assign a MED value. We'll
discuss route maps in more detail in Chapter 9.
Clearing BGP Routes
The BGP configurations can easily be removed from the router using the
clear ip bgp
command. Let's look at the command and the available syn-
taxes that are used in Privileged EXEC mode, and then we'll explain each
clear ip bgp *|address [soft[in|out]
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