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n Chapter 7, "BGP's Basic Components," we talked about BGP
and what it was used for, and we maintained a focus on the path attributes
that are used in BGP. In this chapter, we will step into the basic configuration
of BGP. I say basic because Chapter 9, "BGP Scalability and Advanced Fea-
tures," will focus on more advanced configurations, scaling, and other
important properties of BGP.
The process of configuring BGP routing is much more complex than set-
ting up any of Cisco's supported interior routing protocols. Using BGP, we
must configure both interior and exterior protocols. Obviously, this will
involve additional configuration steps to establish a routing process and
indicate which networks can be advertised to other networks.
Minimal Configuration
efore the configuration process for BGP can begin, we need to deter-
mine some basic information. Table 8.1 contains important BGP router
checklist information. You can refer to this information whenever you need
to configure BGP.
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