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Answers to Review Questions
Answers to Review Questions
D. The Router ID is determined by the highest IP address configured
on a loopback interface. If a router does not have a loopback interface,
then the Router ID is determined by the highest IP address configured
on the router.
B, C, D. Link-state routing is the type of routing performed by OSPF;
however, it is not an area of operation.
C. The IOS command to set the cost of an OSPF interface is ip ospf
cost cost
, where cost is a number from 1 to 65,535.
A. In a full-mesh topology, all routers have a virtual connection to all
other routers. The configuration of a fully meshed network can
quickly become administratively prohibitive, because as the number
of full-meshed routers grows, the number of required virtual links
grows exponentially.
D. This status could result from an interface being down, but the spe-
cific OSPF definition is the lack of Hello packets received from the
A. The init state is simply the state of receiving Hello packets on the
interface; no adjacencies or other information have been exchanged at
this point.
A. Hello packets contain Router ID information. Once a router sees
its own Router ID, it is in a 2Way state.
B. ExStart is the step prior to exchanging all route information. LSA
floods occur for routing updates after adjacencies have been formed.
D. This process follows the Exchange state and verifies that no new
LSA information became available during the exchange
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