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To find more test-simulation software for all Cisco and NT exams, look
for the exam link on and
Electronic Flashcards for PC and Palm Devices
After you read the CCNP: Routing Study Guide, read the review questions
at the end of each chapter and study the practice exams included in the book
and on the CD. But wait, there's more! Test yourself with the flashcards
included on the CD. If you can get through these difficult questions, and
understand the answers, you'll know you'll be ready for the CCNP Rout-
ing exam.
The flashcards include more than 100 questions specifically written to hit
you hard and make sure you are ready for the exam. Between the review
questions, practice exam, and flashcards, you'll be more than prepared for
the exam.
CCNP: Routing Study Guide in PDF
Sybex is now offering the Cisco Certification books on CD so you can read
the book on your PC or laptop. The Dictionary of Networking and the
CCNP: Routing Study Guide are in Adobe Acrobat format. Acrobat Reader 4
with Search is also included on the CD.
This will be extremely helpful to readers who travel and don't want to
carry a book, as well as to readers who find it more comfortable reading
from their computer.
Boson Software Utilities
Boson Software is an impressive company. It provides many services for free
to help you, the student. Boson has the best Cisco exam-preparation ques-
tions on the market, and at a very nice price. On the CD of this book, Boson
has provided for you the following:
IP Subnetter
Wildcard Mask Checker and Decimal-to-IP Calculator
Router GetPass
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