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Chapter 4
OSPF Areas
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his chapter contains a great deal of information about OSPF. It is dif-
ficult to include everything about OSPF because so much of it falls outside
the scope of this chapter and book.
We have discussed the following topics:
OSPF terminology
OSPF operation
OSPF configuration
Of course, each of the preceding bullet points encompasses quite a bit of
information. We also explained all of the important and pertinent terms
required to fully understand OSPF's operation. Several processes fall under
OSPF operation, such as DR/BDR election, adjacency formation, etc. OSPF
configuration is actually very simple. Once you understand how OSPF
works, it is easy to configure it.
Key Terms
Before taking the exam, make sure you are familiar with the following terms:
area border router (ABR)
autonomous system boundary router (ASBR)
backup designated router (BDR)
designated router (DR)
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