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Before taking the exam, try your hand at the bonus practice exam that
is included on the CD that comes with this book. The questions in this
exam appear only on the CD. This will give you a complete overview
of what you can expect to see on the real thing.
Remember to use the products on the CD that is included with this
book. The electronic flashcards, the Boson Software utilities, and the
EdgeTest exam-preparation software have all been specifically picked
to help you study for and pass your exam. Study on the road with the
CCNP: Routing Study Guide eBook in PDF, and be sure to test your-
self with the electronic flashcards.
The electronic flashcards can be used on your Windows computer or on your
Palm device.
Make sure you read the Key Terms list at the end of each chapter, and
Appendix B includes all the commands used in the book, along with
explanations for each command.
To learn all the material covered in this book, you'll have to apply your-
self regularly and with discipline. Try to set aside the same time period every
day to study, and select a comfortable and quiet place to do so. If you work
hard, you will be surprised at how quickly you learn this material. All the best!
What's on the CD?
We worked hard to provide some really great tools to help you with your cer-
tification process. All of the following tools should be loaded on your work-
station when studying for the test.
The EdgeTest for Cisco Routing Test-Preparation Software
Provided by EdgeTek Learning Systems, this test-preparation software pre-
pares you to successfully pass the Routing exam. In this test engine you will
find all of the questions from the book, plus an additional Bonus Exam that
appears exclusively on the CD. You can take the Assessment Test, test your-
self by chapter, take the Practice Exam that appears in the book or on
the CD.
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