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As of this writing, the written exams still allow you to move forward
and backward. However, it is best to always check the Cisco Web site
before taking any exam to get the most up-to-date information.
After you complete an exam, you'll get immediate, online notification of
your pass or fail status, a printed Examination Score Report that indicates
your pass or fail status, and your exam results by section. (The test admin-
istrator will give you the printed score report.) Test scores are automatically
forwarded to Cisco within five working days after you take the test, so you
don't need to send your score to them. If you pass the exam, you'll receive
confirmation from Cisco, typically within two to four weeks.
How to Use This Book
This book can provide a solid foundation for the serious effort of preparing
for the Cisco Certified Network Professional Routing exam. To best benefit
from this book, use the following study method:
Take the Assessment Test immediately following this Introduction.
(The answers are at the end of the test.) Carefully read over the expla-
nations for any question you get wrong, and note which chapters the
material comes from. This information should help you plan your
study strategy.
Study each chapter carefully, making sure that you fully understand
the information and the test topics listed at the beginning of each
chapter. Pay extra-close attention to any chapter where you missed
questions in the Assessment Test.
Complete all hands-on exercises in the chapter, referring to the chap-
ter so that you understand the reason for each step you take. If you do
not have Cisco equipment available, make sure to study the examples
carefully. Also, check for a router simulator.
Answer the review questions related to that chapter. (The answers
appear at the end of the chapter, after the review questions.)
Note the questions that confuse you, and study those sections of the
book again.
Take the Practice Exam in this book. You'll find it in Appendix A. The
answers appear at the end of the exam.
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