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Chapter 6 introduces you to the Cisco Enhanced IGRP routing protocol.
This is a proprietary protocol designed by Cisco for large internetworks.
Chapter 7 introduces the Border Gateway Protocol and the terminology
used with it, as well as when to use and not use BGP in an internetwork.
Chapter 8 continues with our BGP discussion and shows how to configure
BGP with Cisco routers.
Chapter 9 is also a continuation of BGP and demonstrates how to scale
BGP to a large Cisco internetwork, including how to connect to two ISPs.
Chapter 10 ends the book with a detailed discussion on route optimiza-
tion, including redistribution, controlling routing update traffic, and policy-
based routing.
Each chapter ends with review questions that are specifically designed to
help you retain the knowledge presented. To really nail down your skills,
read each question carefully, and, if possible, work through the hands-on
labs in some of the chapters.
Where Do You Take the Exam?
You may take the exams at any of the Sylvan Prometric or Virtual University
Enterprises (VUE) testing centers around the world. For the location of
a testing center near you, call Sylvan at (800) 755-3926 or VUE at (877)
404-3926. Outside of the United States and Canada, contact your local Syl-
van Prometric Registration Center.
To register for a Cisco Certified Network Professional exam:
Determine the number of the exam you want to take. (The Routing
exam number is 640-503.)
Register with the nearest Sylvan Prometric or VUE testing center. At
this point, you will be asked to pay in advance for the exam. At the
time of this writing, the exams are $100 each and must be taken within
one year of payment. You can schedule exams up to six weeks in
advance or as soon as one working day prior to the day you wish to
take it. If something comes up and you need to cancel or reschedule
your exam appointment, contact the testing center at least 24 hours in
advance. Same-day registration isn't available for the Cisco tests.
When you schedule the exam, you'll get instructions regarding all
appointment and cancellation procedures, the ID requirements, and
information about the testing-center location.
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