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Chapter 3
IP Addressing
Design Requirements
You have been given the Class B address of to use.
The first segment connects to a server farm requiring no more than 50
IP addresses.
The second segment is a serial connection to a remote router. Due to
security concerns, you should not use IP unnumbered.
The third segment is a large publicly accessible computer laboratory
containing 400 PCs, each of which requires its own unique IP address.
The forth segment is an Ethernet user LAN. To simplify management,
the network administrator has requested that the LAN have a Class C
subnet mask.
Solution to Written Exercise
Although there are multiple ways that the given address space (
16) could be divided up, here is one possible solution based on the method-
ology presented in this chapter.
Create a table detailing the segments and the number of hosts required
on each segment, as shown in the following table:
Determine the subnet mask required to support the requirements
defined in step 1, and expand the table to list the subnet masks. We
will use the table listed earlier in the chapter (Table 3.7), which tells
the maximum number of hosts permitted by each subnet mask. The
Description of Segment
Number of IP Addresses Required
Server farm
50 (Because the maximum number of
servers is 50)
Ethernet user segment
254 (Because a Class C subnet was
Serial link
2 (Because each of the two routers needs
one IP address)
Computer lab
400 (Because each PC needs its own
IP address)
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