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Written Lab
Commands Used in This Chapter
Here is the list of commands used in this chapter:
Written Lab
iven the following set of address requirements, the available Class B
network address, and the topology map shown in the graphic below, use
VLSM to efficiently assign addresses to each of the four network segments.
no auto-summary
Used to disable the automatic route
summarization performed by various
classless routing protocols, such as RIPv2
and EIGRP.
ip unnumbered
Allows serial interfaces to borrow an IP
number from another router interface
(which may or may not be specified), so that
it can join two contiguous address spaces.
Point-to-Point Serial Connection
Server Farm Switch
(Requires 50 IP Addresses)
Public Access Computer Lab Switch
(Requires 400 IP Addresses)
Ethernet User Segment
(Use Class C Subnet Mask)
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