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California; Research Triangle Park, North Carolina; Sydney, Austra-
lia; Brussels, Belgium; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Beijing, China; Bangalore,
India; Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, Korea; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Singapore;
or Johannesburg, South Africa, you might just need to add travel costs
to that $1,000. Cisco has added new sites lately for the CCIE lab; it's
best to check the Cisco Web site at
for the most cur-
rent information.
The CCIE Skills
The CCIE Routing and Switching exam includes the advanced technical
skills that are required to maintain optimum network performance and reli-
ability, as well as advanced skills in supporting diverse networks that use dis-
parate technologies. CCIEs just don't have problems getting a job. These
experts are basically inundated with offers to work for six-figure salaries!
But that's because it isn't easy to attain the level of capability that is manda-
tory for Cisco's CCIE. For example, a CCIE will have the following skills
down pat:
Installing, configuring, operating, and troubleshooting complex
routed LAN, routed WAN, switched LAN, and ATM LANE net-
works, and Dial Access Services.
Diagnosing and resolving network faults.
Using packet/frame analysis and Cisco debugging tools.
Documenting and reporting the problem-solving processes used.
Having general LAN/WAN knowledge, including data encapsulation
and layering; windowing and flow control, and their relation to delay;
error detection and recovery; link-state, distance-vector, and switch-
ing algorithms; management, monitoring, and fault isolation.
Having knowledge of a variety of corporate technologies--including
major services provided by Desktop, WAN, and Internet groups--as
well as the functions, addressing structures, and routing, switching,
and bridging implications of each of their protocols.
Having knowledge of Cisco-specific technologies, including router/
switch platforms, architectures, and applications; communication
servers; protocol translation and applications; configuration com-
mands and system/network impact; and LAN/WAN interfaces, capa-
bilities, and applications.
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