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Chapter 3
IP Addressing
From these tables, we see that our IP address range for the Ethernet user
segment is­ Also, we see that the IP address range
for the server farm segment is­
In summary, we have defined the following address ranges for our four
segments, as detailed in Table 3.13.
We can now take our VLSM address ranges and apply them to our net-
work diagram, as shown in Figure 3.3.
F I G U R E 3 . 3
VLSM example with IP addresses
T A B L E 3 . 1 3
Valid IP Addresses for All Four Segments Used in Figure 3.2
Description of Segment
Address Range
Server farm­
Ethernet user segment­
Serial link­
Router interconnection switched segment­
Router Interconnections
Point-to-Point HDLC Link
Ethernet User Segment
Class B Address:
Server Farm
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