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n this chapter, we will discuss IP addressing. However, we will
assume a basic understanding of IP addressing and subnetting.
Even though this chapter does cover a review of IP addressing, you must have
a fundamental understanding of IP subnetting before reading this chapter.
The CCNA Study Guide, 2nd Edition by Sybex has a complete chapter on IP
addressing and subnetting. Please read that chapter prior to reading this
After we review IP addressing, we will provide detailed descriptions and
examples of advanced IP addressing techniques that you can use on your
production networks. First, we'll discuss Variable-Length Subnet Masks
(VLSMs) and provide an example to show how VLSMs can be used to help
save precious address space on your network.
After discussing VLSMs, we will provide an understanding of Classless
Interdomain Routing (CIDR) as well as summarization techniques.
After you have read the chapter, you can use both the written and hands-
on labs to help you better prepare for using the advanced IP addressing tech-
niques found in this chapter. Also, to help you study for the CCNP Routing
exam, be sure to read the review questions at the end of this chapter.
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