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Create a global intranet.
Provide access security to campus switches and routers.
Provide increased switching and routing bandwidth--end-to-end
resiliency services.
Provide custom queuing and routed priority services.
How Do You Become a CCNP?
After becoming a CCNA, the four exams you must take to get your CCNP
are as follows:
Exam 640-503: Routing
This exam continues to build on the funda-
mentals learned in the CCNA course. It focuses on large multiprotocol
internetworks and how to manage them with access lists, queuing, tun-
neling, route distribution, router maps, BGP, OSPF, and route summari-
zation. This book covers everything you need to pass the new CCNP
Routing exam.
Exam 640-504: Switching
This exam tests your knowledge of the 1900
and 5000 series of Catalyst switches. The Sybex
Switching Study
covers all the objectives you need to understand for passing the
Switching exam.
Exam 640-506: Support
This exam tests you on troubleshooting infor-
mation. You must be able to troubleshoot Ethernet and Token Ring
LANS, IP, IPX, and AppleTalk networks, as well as ISDN, PPP, and
Frame Relay networks. The Sybex
Support Study Guide
covers all
the exam objectives.
Exam 640-505: Remote Access
This exam tests your knowledge of
installing, configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting Cisco ISDN and
dial-up access products. You must understand PPP, ISDN, Frame Relay,
and authentication. The Sybex
Remote Access Study Guide
ers all the exam objectives.
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