Overview of new features

API Changes

Some non-compatible changes were made to the Apache API in order to deal with HTTP/1.1 compatibility. It is possible that some modules will no longer work (specifically, those that process input using the POST or PUT methods). If you encounter a module that does not work, please contact the author. A programmer's note on the subject is available.

Additionally, some changes were made to the CGI environment that may cause some CGI scripts to work incorrectly. If you are experiencing trouble with a CGI that worked fine under Apache 1.1.1, please see our explanation of the changes.

New Features with Apache 1.2

New features with this release, as extensions of the Apache functionality. Because the core code has changed so significantly, there are certain liberties that earlier versions of Apache (and the NCSA daemon) took that recent Apache versions are pickier about - please check the compatibility notes if you have any problems.

In addition to a number of bug fixes and internal performance enhancements, Apache 1.2 has the following specific new user features: