The Animator Applet - beta version

The Animator applet is a general purpose animation tool. It has these features: Please try out the Animator applet for your own animations and let us know what you think. Here's the source code. You can save it by bringing up the View Source window for it, and clicking the Save button. Then just compile it and try it out.

Note: You can't compile this applet under 1.0Alpha2 -- only under 1.0beta.

The Animator applet isn't finished -- we plan to add more features -- but we'd appreciate your suggestions. Send bug reports and feature requests to

Tag Syntax

<APP CLASS="Animator" IMAGESOURCE="aDirectory" -- the directory that has the animation frames (a series of pictures in GIF format, named T1.gif, T2.gif, ...) STARTUP="aFile" -- an image to display at load time BACKGROUND="aFile" -- an image to paint the frames against STARTIMAGE="aNumber" -- number of the starting frame (1..n) ENDIMAGE="aNumber" -- number of the end frame (1..n) PAUSE="100" -- milliseconds to pause between images default - can be overriden by PAUSES) PAUSES="300|200||400|200||100" -- millisecond delay per frame. Blank uses default PAUSE value REPEAT="true" -- repeat the sequence? POSITIONS="100@200||200@100||200@200|100@100|105@105" -- positions (X@Y) for each frame. Blank means use previous frame's position IMAGES="3|3|2|1|2|3|17" -- explicit order for frames - see below SOUNDSOURCE="aDirectory" -- the directory that has the audio files SOUNDTRACK="aFile" -- an audio file to play throughout SOUNDS="|||||" -- audio files keyed to individual frames >


You can specify either an IMAGES list or a STARTIMAGE/ENDIMAGE range, but not both. The IMAGES list is a string of frame numbers in the order in which you wish them to display, separated by vertical bars.

STARTIMAGE and ENDIMAGE let you specify a range of images. Specifying an ENDIMAGE that is numerically less than the STARTIMAGE will display the images in reverse order. Both parameters have default values of 1, so specifying only STARTIMAGE="15" means "play the frames in reverse order from 15 to 1." Saying only ENDIMAGE="13" means "play the frames from 1 to 13." Of course, you can use both STARTIMAGE and ENDIMAGE together.

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